Refund Policy

We offer our clients a 100% money back guarantee on all payments made (excluding the enrollment fee) ONLY if the below criteria has been met: 

  • We are unable to remove ANY inaccurate information from your credit report within 120 days (4 months from the time you retain our services)
  • There are no new collection, missed payments or inquiries on your account during the time you are in our program and you follow the guidance given to you throughout the program.
  • You have have provided us with all updated documentation received from all three credit bureaus and or creditors within 5 days of receipt. (clients should receive an update credit report every 30-45 days.  It is the clients responsibility to make us aware an if an update report has not be received)
  • You have not worked with a credit repair company in the last 2 months and have not tried to worked on your credit on your own
  • You don't not refresh or update your credit report on your own
  • You are update up on all bills and do not fall behind any payments.